January 2011

To Whom It May Concern,

This is a letter in favor of Matt Drammer and Drammer Construction. It is an endorsement and recommendation. Words can fall short. I will attempt to make the most of the alphabet ' s measly 26 letters and do Matt justice.

My wife and I decided to build a home on a 100 acre site we own in the Santa Ynez Valley. We had already planted a 20 acre vineyard there and building a home was a dream as we had never owned a home we had also built. We hired a fancy Santa Barbara architect and $400,000 later we were literally nowhere (not completely accurate as I was homicidal).

Then Matt Drammer was introduced to us. I would call him a life saver, but dream saver is closer to the truth. He visited our property and talked to us about how we saw it. He went to work with us, interpreting our limited architectural vocabulary. He did not try to impose his own will on the project, rather he has done everything to bring our vision to life.

He works with unique materials and the best finish artisans. When we thought we’d never find the beams we wanted, Matt found them. In Idaho. He drove out there and found them. So now my house is being built from 100 year old trestle wood off a bridge that once crossed the Great Salt Lake. He performs miracles like that on a weekly basis. His cabinet makers couldn’t find the handle pulls we wanted, so they designed them. Matt not only builds your house, he helps you invent it.

Our front entrance came about when Matt took his daughter to visit colleges in Boston and noticed the Tremont Street subway entrance looked kind of like what we were talking about. That’s what he brings to the table. Building and Design are not separate to him; they go hand in hand.

For the record, I am the Academy Award winning screenwriter of the film LA Confidential, the writer of Mystic River and Man on Fire and the writer/director of A Knight’s Tale and Payback. I have seen design and construction of all sorts and feel qualified to say Matt Drammer rocks!

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